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Blood and Lust

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Produktinformationen "Blood and Lust"
Clint is a loner with an independent streak a mile wide. He s just your average happy-go-lucky London rent-boy with few cares on his mind, until he unwisely robs a customer. Clint soon discovers that paying society its due for his petty theft carries a lethal price. He s now become part of a giant shadowy corporation that runs arenas all over the world. Its prisoners are trained to fight to the death under the cold gaze of cameras and for the pleasure of an elite who pay to watch their favorite blood sport. Clint is soon fighting for his life, but he also discovers that love is his only redemption.
Autor: Zack
Umschlag: Softcover
Verlag: Bruno Gmünder
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 240