Brutus: Hot Drops Silicone Ass Balls - XXL Ø 60 mm

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Produktinformationen "Brutus: Hot Drops Silicone Ass Balls - XXL Ø 60 mm"
For the true anal lovers looking to expend their boundaries within the world of anal play, Brutus introduces the Hot Drops. Four connected big balls per item will require serious dedication to insert them all. The Hot Drops provide four huge stretches in one toy! With three different sizes, each with its own length and diameter of the balls, the only thing you have to do is choosing which size is right for you. Premium quality silicone will make inserting each and every stretch of the balls feel as smooth as silk. A loop at the end of the Hot Drops allows for a firm grip to pull them out, as fast or slow as you please.
Material: Silikon
Farbe: Black, black #000000
New Arrival: 2. Juni 2020
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