Brutus: Ergo Bum Silicone Tunnel Plug - XXL Ø 71mm

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Produktinformationen "Brutus: Ergo Bum Silicone Tunnel Plug - XXL Ø 71mm"
For the more advanced anal gape lovers Brutus comes out with the Ergo Bum. Three brutal sizes that will require some serious dedication. With our silky-smooth silicone bringing in the Ergo Bum will go very smooth, if you can handle the size. The wavy shape of the Ergo Bum will make you feel every inch when it slides in. If you manage to handle the whole Ergo Bum from top to bottom, the wide hooks at the end will not only make sure that he stays in place perfectly, they also provide perfect leverage to pull him out as fast or slow as you wish.
Material: Silikon
Farbe: Black, black #000000
New Arrival: 3. Juni 2020
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